About Us

We are LS. We specialized in the making of calendars and diaries.

And, this is our story.

At LS, we understand that time is the most important resources. One that cannot be replaced. One that cannot be bought or borrowed.

This is the one single reason why we have been pioneering in the printing and publishing industries of calendars and diaries, for the last 20 years. We work tirelessly to help our customers (and you) to manage your time better. 

With a planner on hand, you can control your life better; and with clearer directions. 

With a diary on hand, you can remember your life better; jotting down your memories & channeling your emotional power.

We would like to see ourselves as a very productive bunch, lead by an ambitious management, and aim to satisfy our customers best.

- Our Mission -

We Will Always Do Better Than Our Best.

We did not limit ourselves to create calendars and diaries printing only. We also serve printing services for bags, cards, carriers, flyers, sleeves, stickers, vouchers and practically, any surfaces that can be printed on. More importantly, we support a wide range of printing customizations and flexibility. From designing, proofing, printing, and binding to quality assurance, our staffs are well trained in all areas of our services.

We will be delighted to meet you, to learn about you, and your printing needs so that we can print some beautiful things together.